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Washington City: Main

The Washington City adopt your city program was developed to give citizens the opportunity to provide service to the community in which they live, by performing tasks that will beautify and maintain the City. It is a two-year voluntary commitment to clean up litter or perform other service in one of the predetermined locations a minimum of three times per year. To recognize the groups efforts Washington City erects a sign on the location with the groups name. Please contact the Public Works representative at astevens@washingtoncity.org for further information.


  • All members of groups working on roadsides will be at least 11 years of age. Children 11-15 years of age will be under the direct supervision of adult supervision. Children under the age of 11 may work on park projects under the direct supervision of adult supervision. We discourage children under 8 from participating in the projects.

  • The group will be acting as authorized volunteer workers for Washington City and will be responsible for the safety of every group member on the project.

  • Consequently the group must:

  • Provide safety instructions to every participating member before arrival at the project site.

  • Follow all safety instructions given by the designated City representative.

  • The group shall perform the required task from the assigned project location for the duration of the contract period, which shall be a minimum of 2 years. The group acknowledges that clean up dates may be assigned by the City with reasonable notice.

  • The group shall coordinate all efforts with the designated City representative, contacting the representative at least one week in advance to arrange dates and times for the project.

  • The group shall obtain the necessary supplies and materials from the City, thru the designated City representative during regular business hours.

  • The group shall return any unused materials and supplies furnished by the City to the designated City representative within one week of the project.

  • The City agrees to accomplish the following:

  • Erect a sign on the adopted location with the group’s name or acronym displayed to provide  recognition for the groups effort.

  • Assist the group in the group’s responsibility to provide safety instruction to their members by offering a safety meeting for group representatives to attend.

  • Provide special materials as required , including orange safety vests and trash bags.

  • Allow the group to do work in the adopted project area.

  • Remove litter under special circumstances, (ie: Very large, heavy, or hazardous items.)

  • Provide other needed support from City personnel.

Help keep Washington City beautiful by adopting an area!

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